Open Barnet is the data portal for the London Borough of Barnet. it is an important tool in pushing forward Barnet’s Transparency Agenda, bringing together all our published datasets and other information of interest on one searchable database for anyone, anywhere to access. The aim is to meet the needs of residents as well as businesses, innovators and third sector service providers.

If there are any datasets that you would like to see published in the future, or have any other queries or feedback, please contact us at [email protected]

You can find out more about Barnet’s Transparency Agenda on our website.

The council’s ambition is to publish all its open data to 3 star rating or higher (i.e. using the CSV file format instead of Excel). This is based on the 5 star rating system for open data put forward by Sir Tim Berners-Lee and fully adopted by Government, see the Local Government Transparency Code or the summary below for more information.

API Documentation

The data portal’s API documentation is available on GitBook for software developers and data scientists.