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Created 4 years ago, updated 4 years ago

Extract from GLA Release: Official Sub-Ward, Ward and Borough level crime counts.

This page contains the ward level data file for London Borough of Barnet

Click here for corresponding LSOA level data: Recorded Crime Summary Data for London: LSOA Level

Click here for corresponding Borough level data: Recorded Crime Summary Data for London: Borough Level

‘Ward data’ counts the number of crimes in each ward area of London Borough of Barnet per month, according to crime type. Use this data if you need to analyse crime data according to the location of geographic wards. Because not all crimes can be matched to a ward area, you should not use this data set to count crimes by borough. For this purpose use the Borough level dataset linked to above.

‘Borough data’ counts the number of crimes in each borough area of London per month, according to crime type.

Each of the data sets will contain the latest two years of data available. The categories of crime counts within them may change from time to time. Below is a list of the crime types you can currently extract (*only at borough or ward level):

Minor Category: Major Category

Murder: ViolenceAgainstThePerson

CommonAssault: ViolenceAgainstThePerson

OffensiveWeapon: ViolenceAgainstThePerson

Harassment: ViolenceAgainstThePerson

Otherviolence: ViolenceAgainstThePerson

AssaultWithInjury: ViolenceAgainstThePerson

WoundingGBH: ViolenceAgainstThePerson

*Rape: SexualOffences

*OtherSexual: SexualOffences

PersonalProperty: Robbery

BusinessProperty: Robbery

BurglaryInADwelling: Burglary

BurglaryInOtherBuildings: Burglary

TheftOrTakingOfMotor: TheftAndHandling

TheftFromMotor: TheftAndHandling

MotorInterferenceAndTampering: TheftAndHandling

TheftFromShops: TheftAndHandling

TheftOrTakingOfPedalCycles: TheftAndHandling

OtherTheftPerson: TheftAndHandling

OtherTheft: TheftAndHandling

HandlingStolenGoods: TheftAndHandling

*CountedPerVictim: FraudOrForgery

*OtherFraudAndForgery: FraudOrForgery

CriminalDamageToADwelling: CriminalDamage

CriminalDamageToOtherBldg: CriminalDamage

CriminalDamageToMotor: CriminalDamage

OtherCriminalDamage: CriminalDamage

DrugTrafficking: Drugs

PossessionOfDrugs: Drugs

OtherDrugOffences: Drugs

GoingEquipped: OtherNotifiableOffences

OtherNotifiable: OtherNotifiableOffences

Each row of data in the data sets contains:

*The number of incidents according to the Month Recorded, the specific crime type, and the Location

*The Month Recorded

*The broad crime type (Major HO category – eg Robbery)

*The specific crime type (Minor HO category – eg Robbery: Personal Property)

*The Location (Sub –Ward, Ward or borough depending on the data set selected)

From 01/11/2013
To 30/08/2016

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UK Open Government Licence (OGL v3)

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30th November 2016

Next Review Date:

20th November 2003

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5 years

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Information Management Team