This dataset contains details of CCTV cameras installed by the London Borough of Barnet for the purporse of traffic enforcement.


PLEASE NOTE: A dataset of the locations of CCTV cameras installed for purposes other than traffic enforcement can be found here

The data includes

  • Location
  • Contravention
  • Date enforcement began
  • Hours of operation

CCTV traffic enforcement is used for moving traffic contraventions (MTC) and and enforcement for stationary cars parked on school keep clears.

We are now using CCTV cameras to deter drivers from making dangerous moves or parking where children will be at risk.

With some of the busiest roads in London, Barnet is at risk of too many traffic accidents, too much congestion and too much air pollution. So we’ll be monitoring driving at up to 60 of our hottest road spots and schools in a push to improve safety, keep traffic moving, make the borough a better place to live and travel.

Bad driving we are targeting includes:

  • parking on school zigzags
  • banned right, left or U-turns ignoring ‘no entry’ signs
  • driving the wrong way down a one-way street
  • blocking yellow box junctions

For more information, please see our website.


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