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Money Spending
  • Updated 3 years ago

    Expenditure Reporting 2014/15

    London Borough of Barnet
    In line with the Local Government Transparency Code 2014, the Council will publish Council expenditure over £250 each month from September 2014. For the months of April 2014 to August 2014 expenditure over £500 each month was published in line with the guidance from the Department for Communities and Local Government. Local Government Transparency Code 2014 The Council will publish data monthly in arrears and at the end of the year wi...
  • Updated 4 years ago

    2015-16 Comensura Expenditure

    London Borough of Barnet
    Council expenditure over £250 is published as part of a drive to improve openness and transparency. The 'Comensura Expenditure' report breaks down the items which appear as 'Various' within the Expenditure Over £250 report specifically for Comensura.