London Borough of Barnet

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    Barnet Information Dashboard

    Barnet Information Dashboard   What is it? Within Barnet there are 21 electoral wards. A ward is a subdivision of a local authority, that is used to...
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    Barnet School Funding Allocation 2017/18

    Data dashboards outlining funding allocation for maintained schools in Barnet for the 2017/18 financial year. For more information see the School Funding and Finance page on the...
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    Borough Preferred Option Projection Reports

    Latest ward projections of the borough from the GLA 2015 Round Borough Preferred Option (BPO) projections. The model and methodology are identical to that to produce the interim...
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    London Borough of Barnet - Staff establishment headcount & FTE 2017/18

    This data shows the staff headcount for the London Borough of Barnet for the 2017/18 financial year. Data is provided on a monthly basis for comparison purposes, and an Excel...
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    Planned Procurement 2016-19

    A forward look incorporating details of invitations to tender or invitations to quote that are likely to be issued in the stipulated period. Council Contract Procedure Rules...
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    London Borough of Barnet - Staff Equalities data 2017/18

    This dataset provides a detailed breakdown of equality statistics relating to the council's workforce. It provides data on the following 'protected characteristics': gender, age,...
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    HMO Register

    List of properties licensed under the Council’s HMO Licensing Scheme as at the beginning of February 2017. This list is updated on a monthly basis. More information on Houses...
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    Business Rates Register

    A dataset containing all addresses liable for Business Rates. Includes a description of the property and advises of any reliefs awarded. UPRN details are not included due to...
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    Empty commercial properties

    A list of empty commercial properties within the borough of Barnet.
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    Staff Attendance & Absence 2017/18

    Monthly, year to date and rolling year sickness absence and cost of absence by council delivery unit