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London Borough of Barnet Strategy
  • Updated a year ago

    Sustainable Transport Strategy - Resource Library

    London Borough of Barnet
    Barnet is in the process of developing a transport strategy to understand and improve the way individuals travel across the borough.   With population expected to reach 400,000 by 2020 Barnet is now London’s most populous borough. The growth in Barnet’s population will change our existing communities, attracting a younger and more diverse population, in addition to this, the increase in population will have a significant impact on the...
  • Created 3 years ago

    Draft Playing Pitch Strategy 2017

    London Borough of Barnet
    The purpose of the Playing Pitch Strategy (PPS) is to provide a robust future action plan for sports facilities in Barnet. The outcomes arising from the assessment will inform the LBB Infrastructure Delivery Plan (IDP) which will underpin the Local Plan. The IDP’s purpose is to set out an analysis and assessment of existing infrastructure provision within Barnet including playing pitches, and identify existing and future needs and deman...