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    Barnet Joint Strategic Needs Assessment 2015-2020

    This on-line Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) is the evidence base for understanding population-level need in Barnet. It is designed to inform joined up decision making...
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    Care quality commission care directory

    The link contains a complete list of the places in England where people carry out care that is regulated by CQC. It includes every hospital, care home, dentist and care home...
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    GP practices

    Link to which provides data on GPs, GP practices, nurses and pharmacies in the UK. Please note The GP practices file contains all prescribing cost centres...
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    GP Practice - Demographic Data

    Practice demographic data are extracted as a quarterly snapshot in time from the GP Payments system maintained by the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC). Data...
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    Service Users in receipt of Adult Social Care

    Table shows number of service users in receipt of services (both costed and non-costed packages of care), during the period, provided or commissioned by London Borough of...
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    Adult Social Care Face to Face and eLearning Staff Courses

    Information on the amount and types of training delivered to Adult Social Care staff, including mandatory and non-mandatory training.  Some mandatory courses may have been...
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    Public Health Funerals Summary Data: 2005-16

    Details of the number of public health funerals conducted each year, their gross cost, costs recovered and costs not recovered.
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    Barnet Community Directory

    The Directory is a database of voluntary groups, organisations, social clubs, charities and social enterprises that are based, or work in Barnet. It provides the opportunity...
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    Barnet Demographics Data Dashboard

    The Barnet Demographics Data Dashboard brings together data from a variety of sources to provide an overview of the Barnet area at ward and borough level.
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    Public Health Funerals 2015/16

    Details of Public Health Funerals conducted by London Borough of Barnet (inc. Name, Date of birth, date of death, Last known address, Date of Funeral and whether information has...
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