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A library event is an event facilitated or organised by the Barnet Libraries. Each event is listed separately.

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Local authority - Barnet

Library Name – where the event took place. Some events are not held in libraries and are marked as Outreach.

Event date – format YYYY-MM-DD

Name – the name of the event

Main outcome - The outcomes are taken from the Libraries Taskforce Ambition document: outcomes libraries deliver for their communities.

Secondary outcome - Some events will clearly fit under one outcome; this column should be used for events that fit under multiple outcomes.

Attendees – the number of attendees at each event – note this is a manual count

Adult Attendees – the number of adult attendees

Child Attendees – the number of child attendees

Charge – cost of entry




From 01/04/2020
To 31/03/2021

The Main outcome and Secondary outcome columns as described above were not included in this version. The Library name column's values are all equal to Online, as due to the pandemic we did not have any events in libraries during 2020-21. The Charge column described above as also missing this year - all online events were free to attend, so there were no charges.

From 01/04/2019
To 31/03/2020
From 01/04/2018
To 31/03/2019

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