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Created 8 months ago, updated 20 days ago

Library Stock Summary

Details the amount of physical book stock held in Barnet Libraries on a given date.


Local authority – Barnet

Library name – each item has a home location on our library management systems which is where the book should be found if it is not on loan

Count date – in format YYYY-MM-DD

Type – the item type as stored in the library management system

Items – the count of items

From 01/07/2021
To 01/07/2021
From 01/06/2021
To 01/06/2021
From 01/05/2021
To 01/05/2021
From 01/04/2021
To 01/04/2021
From 01/02/2021
To 01/02/2021

About this dataset


UK Open Government Licence (OGL v3)

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16th April 2021

Next Review Date:

15th April 2021


Barnet Open Data Team (

Retention Period:

5 years

Service Area:

Libraries and Local Studies


Family Services