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Details of all current and historic planning applications received by London Borough of Barnet that we hold electronic records for since 1965.

A person proposing to alter, extend, build or change the use of premises must apply for planning permission for development from the local authority. Planning permission for businesses is usually granted in line with the development plan for the area which will include policies relating to commercial and industrial development.

In the UK this is done by filling in the Standard Planning Application Form (1APP) and meeting all of the Planning Application Requirements (PAR).

You can find out more about individual Planning applications on the council's Planning Portal.

Please note: Data concerning Planning Decisions before 1999 do not represent an exhaustive record of decisions in that period.

From 01/04/2020
To 31/03/2021
From 01/04/2019
To 31/03/2020
From 01/04/2018
To 31/03/2019
From 01/04/2017
To 31/03/2018
From 01/04/2016
To 31/03/2017
From 01/04/2015
To 31/03/2016
From 01/04/2014
To 31/03/2015
From 01/04/2013
To 31/03/2014
From 01/04/2012
To 31/03/2013
From 01/04/2011
To 31/03/2012
From 01/04/2010
To 31/03/2011
From 01/04/2009
To 31/03/2010
From 20/05/1965
To 31/03/2009

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