Under the Local Government Transparency Code we are required to publish details on the value of social housing assets within our Housing Revenue Account.

Information to be published using the specified value bands and postal sector:

· Total number of homes

· Aggregate value and mean value of the dwellings for both existing use value (social housing) and market value,




· Percentage of homes that are vacant and that are tenanted.


Information to be published at a general level:


· An explanation of the difference between the tenanted sale value of homes within the Housing Revenue Account and their market sale value, and

· An assurance that the publication of this information is not intended to suggest that tenancies should end to realise the market value of properties.


Other residential tenanted properties that the authority may hold within their General Fund are excluded from this specific dataset, as is information on other building assets or land that local authorities hold within their Housing Revenue Account.

Please note that for the 2023 return there were 3 bands that do not have a valuation for NW7 2, NW7 4 and N3 1

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