The Moving Traffic Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) Dashboard contains details of all moving traffic PCNs issued in the London Borough of Barnet since 9 February 2016. Analysis of issued PCNs can be carried out by filtering the following fields;     

  • Day of the week
  • Year
  • Issue Date of PCN
  • Controlled Parking Zone
  • Contravention code
  • Street name
  • Issue time
  • Hours

Users can select the criteria by which to filter their search within each section. In some cases, selecting an option in one field may limit the options remaining available in other fields.

To see the raw data behind each line in the table on the left, double-click in the field containing the relevant figure.

We have also provided the raw data used to build the dashboard as a machine-readable csv file.


UK Open Government Licence
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9 months ago  
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6 years
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Parking Services
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MTC PCN Dashboard.xlsm (0 B)Mar 2016 — Mar 2023
MTC PCN raw data.csv (0 B)Mar 2016 — Mar 2023