Information from the school census on pupils with special educational needs (SEN), and SEN provision in schools.

Information on the characteristics of pupils by their:

  • level of SEN provision - education, health and care (EHC) plan or SEN support
  • type of SEN

It is based on pupil-level data collected by the Department for Education via the school census.

This SFR series previously included information on statements of SEN, based on data from the SEN2 survey. In 2015, The DfE published this information separately as Statements of SEN and EHC plans: England 2015.

The technical note explains the statistics.

Information for London Borough of Barnet can be obtained by carrying out a search query on individual datasets.

For more recent data related to the London Borough of Barnet, we have also published our most recent 2015 SEN2 return.

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