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COVID-19 Cases and direct impact:

The COVID-19 Pandemic has impacted all residents in Barnet, but some have been impacted more than others. This section of the JSNA will report the current case rates and the direct impact in terms of hospitalisations and mortality. As our understanding of the wider impacts of the pandemic increases, we will publish further insights on this page alongside information on how Barnet Council and its partners are responding to these challenges.

The Barnet Vision for restoration and recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic is: “To work in partnership with our communities to mitigate and minimise the longer-term socio-economic impacts of COVID-19, so that our residents have access to the right tools and resources to live healthy and fulfilling lives in safe and thriving families and communities”.

Our hope is by publishing available data and evidence we will support each other in enabling this vision.

The COVID-19 Dashboard provides the latest data on the number of cases, testing, hospitalisation and bed occupancy and mortality. We also provide the case rate and number of cases by Ward on the subsequent pages. A summary infographic can be found on the main Barnet website (Barnet weekly COVID-19 dashboard | Barnet Council).

Wider impacts of COVID-19:

Coming soon…