This section outlines the assumptions we have used as a basis for Barnet Council’s Municipal Recycling & Waste Strategy and the various evidence collated that supports them 

MD1 - By 2030 recycling and composting of waste from local businesses will make a significant contribution to the municipal recycling rate

MD2 - By 2030 collections with neighbouring local authorities will be more harmonised for example with authorities having the same containers, collecting the same materials, and potentially sharing the same collection vehicles and contractors

MD3 - Prices for materials collected for recycling will continue to fluctuate meaning markets for the materials collected need to be carefully considered

MD4 - There is no evidence for this assumption, therefore it is not supported

MD5 - Grant Thornton predict there will be further consolidation within the waste industry meaning that there will be fewer but larger private waste firms offering collection and disposal services. This reduction in competition could make any future waste contracts more expensive and reduce differences in costs between different providers

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